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Following a rather turbulent period in my life in 2019 (not going to go into much detail here), I decided enough was enough and I needed to make changes. Although I didn’t realise at the time, I was doing a lot of catastrophising and mind-reading. My speed of thought was (and continues to be) somewhat impaired since a head injury a number of years ago and I never really came to terms with the impact of that until this difficult period. Looking back, I had actually built a proverbial fortress around me and I wasn’t letting anyone apart from a…

Mid summer early morning cycle, 5.30am looking down on Renfrewshire from Kilmacolm, May 2020 — by Colin Sales.

Yes, it’s almost the end of January 2021 and this is me just finishing my own annual review of 2020. I’ve been exceptionally busy lately although you may not know this as I’m no longer posting all over social media about every last thing I’m up to. I am now only ‘active’ on one major social network (though I’m ‘private’ on it) as I have finally ceased oversharing (see this article for details!).

So about 2020 then. Following a turbulent 2019, I’d set myself a few new goals to strive for. Things were going well but then of course Covid-19…

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Other than cycling, some of you may know another passion I have is music. It’s been quite some time since I produced and presented my own radio show — in fact its been eight years since I did one!

One of my goals for 2020 is to ‘contribute to radio shows or do my own again’. You could argue that I already ticked this box back in February when I contributed to BBC 6Music’s ‘Desert Island Disco’, during which I got some really great feedback.

Before this unprecedented situation with Covid-19, I’d made it a goal of mine in 2020 to get a bit more involved in music again, since music itself became a significantly powerful ally for me in my war against the anxiety and brain injury-related issues I’d been experiencing last year. These issues have now pretty much been put to bed (well, still there, but dealing with much, much better).

So within the space of a month since the new year began, I’d submitted a tracklist to BBC 6Music’s Desert Island Disco segment which was accepted, and soon enough I…

I’ve debated and debated with myself if I should write another yearly review, but I’ve found a benefit of doing one for the last few years. I find it quite cathartic to reflect on the year gone by and look ahead to the coming year. So if I could summarise 2019 in one word, on a personal note, it would be ‘turbulent’.

The year started out as well as the previous one ended. A new team, new targets, new cycling club, and yes a ‘doughnut count’ was in place. I was optimistic about how the year would pan out.


Almost of the top of “Bealach Na Ba’ climb, in the Scottish Highlands. Photo by Colin Sales

Before I begin, I should define a cyclist, which according to the Cambridge Dictionary is:

- “a person who rides a bicycle

This could go into many, many subcategories (such as mountain biker, road cyclist, unicyclist, courier, leisure cyclist, commuting cyclist & more). For the purpose of this article, I’m going to define cyclist as a road cyclist. Someone who likes to go out on their road bike out with friends or on their own, to discover new places, routes, cafes, hills, and will probably commute by bike too — the list is endless. The main part of this persons…

Considerable damage on helmet. Look at the scrapings on the top left. I’ve clearly hit the road and kept going.

Summer 2015. I’d been on a weight loss journey and had lost six stone since January 2014. I got myself a new road bike and was looking forward to cycling — particularly up hills more than anything else because it would be much easier with 6 stone less to carry than before!

It was a Friday evening, the weather was partly cloudy, there was a gentle breeze but at thirteen degrees celcius it wasn’t too cold. It was the perfect time to take my two week old Specialized Allez Elite out for a training loop I’d been doing. I’d recently…

My favourite ‘cafe stop’ — 📸 Colin Sales 2019.

After stumbling across Coach Tony’s article “How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You” earlier this year, and seeing links to other posts of a similar nature in the Better Humans area, I decided to join Medium. In the short space of a few months, I’ve already realised it’s benefits as everything is organised into different topical areas and it offers insight and deep learning articles which, when I take the parts of these articles appropriate to my own situation — actually works. I’ve already suggested an improvement (can we arrange our bookmarks/reading list into categories?)…

Colin Sales

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